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Getting Your Group Image to Your iPad

Wireless Tether Using Cam Ranger

Cam Ranger WiFi

Cam Ranger is a great wireless solution for transferring images to your iPad using a direct Wi-Fi connection. You can have multiple Cam Rangers in one area without crossing files as they are directly connected to each iPad. A Cam Ranger is $299. While being a pricy solution, its seamless connection is advantageous, and you are sure to have the same crop every time with our crop overlay, we are happy to email you. Plus, it’s just really COOL! Your clients will see you with the newest, most awesome technology. What’s better than that?

What You Will Need
Cam Ranger $299.99


cam rangercamranger2

Direct iPad Connection Solution

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

First things first, find out if your camera has the capability to direct connect to the iPad. Thanks to the latest update to iOS it looks like this is really simple with most cameras. We tested this out on our Canon 5dMk3 cameras and it worked beautifully. Take photos; plug the usb cable into your camera and import photos to your iPad. Most camera’s won’t shoot while the usb cable is plugged in so you will need to disconnect the usb to photograph your next group. Photograph your groups as Medium JPEG files and they import in a flash. Select your favorite group image and then import into iTag Smiles.

What You Will Need
$29.00 USB Camera Adapter
$4.34 Mini USB Cord


SD Card Solution

Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

If you’re camera uses SD cards and you’d like to not spend $299.99 on a wireless solution, we have the next best thing. All you need is to integrate the Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader Adapter into your workflow, for $32.99. Take the SD card out of the camera after each group is photographed and import the images into your iPad’s native photo application. From there, choose your “favorite” image and import it into your group in iTag Smiles.

What You Will Need
$32.99 Apple SD Card Reader
Your Preferred SD Card



CF Card Solution

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

If you are using a camera that only shoots CF cards, we still have a solution for you! Similar to the SD Card Solution, you must photograph the groups on your camera. Remove the CF Card and plug it into a CF Card Reader that is then plugged into the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Download your images using your iPad’s native photo application. From there, choose your “favorite” image and import it into your group in iTag Smiles.

What You Will Need
$31.99 Lightening to Female USB Adapter
$12.99 CF Card Reader
Your preferred CF Card


If All Else Fails On a Shoot

The Quick and Easy Solution

Lets say there was a problem with importing images to your iPad for some reason. There is still a solution. Simply snap a photo of your group using your iPad camera. Import the image into your group in iTag Smiles. Have the group leader identify the subjects using the iPad group photo. When you get back to the studio you can color correct, swap heads and make any other adjustments to your group images from your camera. You can then open each group from your shoot and replace the images you took on the iPad with the final images from your camera post shoot. It’s easy to swap out a photo in a group and the row file information will stay intact.

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Combine multiple groups into one CSV file!

We have a huge time saver for you. Check out our CSV macro that will automatically merge all of the CSV files in a folder. This is very useful when you download the CSV files from your iCloud Drive to your computer. This will help you make one large CSV file to manage your data and keep tabs on any name changes, absences, name additions or any other changes that were made to your data during your photo session.

mac CSV Combine Macro

pc CSV combine Macro

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Thanks for Saying Hello at SPAC

We had an amazing time at SPAC and really enjoyed meeting with so many photo studios from around the world. We are so excited to share iTag Smiles with you and our hope is that your Group Photo workflow will be radically different going forward. I mean who wouldn’t want to get back to the studio with the task of compiling your group photos all finished?

It only takes a few minutes to get comfortable with this app and if you need any help I’m here for you. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Look forward to working with you soon.

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