iTagSmiles UPDATE!


iTagSmiles is happy to announce that two heavily requested features are now available!

Both are really easy to use!

blog-pictureHeader Toggle Switch

If you don’t want to show the header title, simply turn it off with the “Show title text” toggle button in the Setup Job Settings Page. This option is great if you design your own backgrounds. If you didn’t already know, you can upload custom backgrounds in the Setup Job Settings page. You can now create your own design with an image or logo showing where the title used to be. This is great for sports leagues and teams that have a custom logo.

Row File Sort Order

Front to Back or Back to Front. It’s your choice now. The second update is the “Show Front Row First” toggle on the Setup Job Settings page. You can now switch the order of your Row text. Your row file text can read from the front row to back or back row to the front based on your studios preference. These updates and future updates are made to make iTagSmiles the best it can be. You can always email us with suggestions at







Photo Editing Screen:


Crop & Rotate: Use this option to adjust your imported group image. Using two fingers to pinch and zoom or rotate the image.

Type: Use the “Type” tool to edit the footer. You can adjust font style, size, and weight

Background: You can replace the background image with any Jpeg. You can find your image by importing from the Camera Roll, or Importing from iCloud Drive.

Reset:   Caution!! This button resets all of your editing including tagging of subjects. Use this button only if you want to start all over on a group.

Photo: Replace the group image in the template. This is the button you use to swap out the group photo while still maintaining your subject information in the footer.

Note: Take notes on a group for your production team to review later. These notes show in your CSV export for each group you export. Ie. Swap faces on kid in first row in orange shirt…

And remember you can always tap “?” in the bottom right hand corner to remind you what each button does.

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