How to save BIG on every group photo

iTag Smiles automates a tedious process to make it easy to add names to any group photo right on your iPad. Simply highlight a row, choose an individual, and select the subject’s name from the pre-loaded list. It’s that easy. iTag Smiles displays each individual’s name and location in the image footer automatically, and group leaders can proof the data instantly while you’re on site.

Step 1

Import an iTag Smiles data file to your iPad (csv file from MS Excel or other program)

Step 2

Photograph your group on an SD card and import your favorite image into iTag Smiles

Step 3

Hand the iPad to the group leader to identify individuals

Step 4

Export your finished photos and start selling online!

iTag Smiles can cut production costs that can be as much as $9 per photo, to as little as $2.25 per photo. All you need is a list of names from your client, and an iPad!

With iTag Smiles you can leave your photo shoot with group photos ready to print.

For more a more detailed view of the workflow process, click here